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I am an elementary school teacher and have taught second grade for four years. I love Read-Aloud time and being around students of all ages. Please get in touch with me by emailing me at with the Subject Line “Author Visit.”

I look forward to working with you, incorporating my stories in your lesson, and in customizing a visit that fits your group’s needs! So far I have presented on the stages of the writing process, character development, and more. I am also available via Zoom and good old snail mail to answer students’ questions – just send me an email to set it up. I will let you know my hourly and day rates.

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Virtual Author Programs:

For Students:

30- Minute Program Options: $250

Read Aloud and Quick Q&A: Interactive read aloud of one of my following picture books: Lailah’s Lunchbox/Amira’s Picture Day/I Can Help/ Milloo’s Mind and a brief Q&A session. I also offer behind-the-scenes information about the creation of the book.

Read Aloud of a few pages of Unsettled/Golden Girl: I will share passages that were inspired by my life, why I chose to write in verse, and encourage readers to use their own experiences in their writing, followed by a brief Q&A session.

Writing Process: Please read Lailah’s Lunchbox before hand with your students. I will share the stages of the writing process, how to use your own experiences in writing, and share strategies of how to make your writing shine!

For Writer Conferences :  

Picture Books: From Opening Line to Published Manuscript * – $350

Reem will discuss how to create a strong opening for your picture book and give examples of successful books from the kidlit world. She will offer insight on using one’s personal experiences in stories.  She will give tips on navigating the process of getting an agent and publisher, inevitable rejections, and what the process is like fine tuning edits with an editor. She will discuss the stages of going from a rough draft to a book. She will conclude her presentation sharing which resources she uses for success and inspiration.

*At this time, most of my author visits are virtual. For half-day and full-day in-person programs, please email for a quote. Full programs start at $1250.

If you have a different kind of program in mind, please email me directly at to discuss details.  I will let you know what I can do – depending on how busy my season is, I will let you know how flexible I can be. As an author, it gets very busy with edits and deadlines. Any time presenting takes time away from my writing. I have young children at home so am currently offering shorter sessions for the time being. In busier seasons, I may not be offering presentations, so please do check with me. I can’t wait to meet your group!




“With charming personal anecdotes and a wry, understated sense of humor, Reem Faruqi extends an irresistible invitation into her work and her world. Listeners of all ages will find her relatable and delightful.” – 
Anne Sibley O’Brien, Award Winning Author

“Reem’s visit was broadening–in that some of our students were not familiar with Ramadan and its customs. We got a taste of religion and culture, geography, and social learning. Our Muslim students were thrilled to “see themselves” at last in a book. Reem showed us her craft, but she also encouraged children to write themselves, giving examples of adding details and “showing, not telling” to convey emotion. After her inspiring visit, we have many first-time authors at our school!” –

Nava Fader, Librarian at Olmsted School #64

“I had the pleasure of hosting Reem Faruqi at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (Central Library) for a reading of her book “Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story”.  Over 100 students from a local charter school were in attendance, plus members of the public and some of our librarians.  Reem did an outstanding job reading her book to a large crowd. She also took time to answer student questions and really engaged the audience. We were able to project Reem’s book onto our projector screen with the PDF she provided ahead of time and we had the option of using her flash drive if that didn’t work. Communication was timely via email and Reem was wonderful to work with in-person.” –

Kristi Dougherty, Librarian Manager of Children’s Services & Outreach, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library


“Our school received a special visit the other day. Author, Reem Faruqi. Reem commanded an auditorium full of students, grades 2-5. With a calm and soft spoken demeanor, she captivated this large audience. They were eager to participate during her read aloud of Laillah’s Lunchbox, and were excited to ask Reem about her writing process as well. Reem’s prior experience as a second grade teacher was evident. The read aloud was meaningful and educational. I feel fortunate to have spent time with this lovely woman. I would invite her to visit our school anytime …. “

– Heidi LaRou, School Librarian Buffalo, NY

” I have never seen my college students so engaged and excited in class. You clearly made such a great impression on them and taught them so much about what you do and why it is so important. Thank you for being our special guest and enriching our studies and experience with your books. “
– Rose Deighton, Instructor “Muslim Women’s Storytelling” at Emory University


“I want to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed your sweet disposition, your patience and kindness toward our children, and just being present for us. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do the read aloud for our children, as you can see your impact was immeasurable. Representation matters and educating ourselves about different cultures and celebrations can only teach us to be more tolerant. At P.S 115 Brooklyn we always strive to celebrate our uniqueness, but we must also educate our children that we are all connected through the thread called “our humanity” in this tapestry of life. Thank you so much. Please read the email I received from a parent:
‘Hello Mr. Lee
I’m also a substitute teacher and had the pleasure of working as a substitute teacher in your school last year. I’m writing  to you to express my appreciation for allowing the Read Aloud with author Reem Faruqi . My family and I enjoyed her story about Ramadan very much.
As educators we know how important it is for our students and their families to feel included in their  schools and see their culture celebrated.  As a Muslim and I’m sure all the Muslim students and their families in the school appreciates and feel so joyful to see their culture being celebrated in the school.
Thank you again
PS: I want to thank you for taking us Muslims into  consideration , it feels great to be special’ “
 – Jonathan Lee, Principal of P.S. 115 Daniel Mucatel School



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National Council of Teachers for English – Book Signing and Panel: How Can I Advocate for Muslim Students When I Have Questions Myself? – November 19th, 2016


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“Unlike Muslim countries, where everything is decorated for the holy month of Ramadan and everyone fosters a sense of connection to the importance of the month, parents who live in non-Muslim countries have the added challenge that there is little recognition of this holy time outside of our homes and mosques. Reem skillfully portrays not only how special the holy month of Ramadan is but also how a Muslim child can feel special about herself at times when others do not practice the same beliefs. A great way to give youth confidence!
Not only did our students enjoy the story time session but also the staff! Clear, engaging and full of emotion. Students were so interested to find out how Lailah will face her fears and the illustrations enhanced the whole experience! Our students couldn’t resist but ask “what’s going to happen…” as they sat glued to the pages of the book.
Reem did a superb job in the way themes like confidence, perseverance, respect, and of course Islam are portrayed in the book for all different audiences! Definitely a skillful trait of a dedicated author!” –

Summaya Adam, Hamzah Academy Vice Principal


The Department for the Study of Religions @Wakeforest was delighted to welcome ReemFaruqi to present in our classes on 9.24.2021 when she was in town for the @BookmarksNC Festival. Our students had the opportunity to read “Lailah’s Lunchbox” and “Amira’s Picture Day” in preparation for Reem’s arrival on campus and as part of a course module on representations of Muslim youth in popular culture and literature in the United States. In her interactive and colorful presentation at Wake Forest, Reem emphasized the importance of picture books and children’s literature in fostering religious literacy, critical empathy, and storytelling in readers of all ages. Reem also provided generous responses to the students’ questions about the writing process, working with illustrators, and the children’s book publishing industry. I encourage college educators in all areas of the liberal arts to consider incorporating books like Reem’s in their classrooms, especially when introducing topics related to human difference and cross-cultural representation. Thank you, Reem!

– Kimberly T. Wortmann, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Study of Religions, Wake Forest University

Photocredit: Mike Williams of Indian Library Federation

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