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Reem Faruqi is an award winning author who enjoys writing lyrical stories that reflect her own experiences.

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When Reem Faruqi taught second grade, her favorite time was “Read Aloud” time. Now, her favorite time at home is reading with her daughters. Of Pakistani origin, she moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, when she was 13 years old. Reem based her first award-winning children’s book “Lailah’s Lunchbox” on her own experiences as a young Muslim girl immigrating to the United States. She has three new books projected for 2021, her debut middle grade book “Unsettled” (HarperCollins 2021), and two picture books: “Amira’s Picture Day”(Holiday House 2021) and “I Can Help.” (Eerdmans 2021). She also has a new non-fiction picture book based on her grandmother Milloo’s Mind (HarperCollins 2023). Reem seasonally works as a photographer at ReemFaruqi Photography and currently works as a Scheduler for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. She loves to doodle, write, and take photos at Currently, she lives with her husband and three daughters in Atlanta.

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Reem Faruqi lives in Atlanta with her husband and three daughters. She is the award-winning children’s book author of Lailah’s Lunchbox, a book based on her own experiences as a young Muslim girl immigrating to the United States. After surviving Atlanta traffic and the school drop off, Reem spends her days trying to write, but instead gets distracted easily by her toddler, camera, and buttery sunlight. You can find her at or on Instagram or Twitter.

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Lailah’s Lunchbox (Tilbury House Publishing, 2015)


Awards for Lailah’s Lunchbox:
*2019 Daybreak Children’s Picture Book Award — Recognizing Muslim Women’s Contributions to Literature
*Notable Social Studies Trade Book For Young People 2016, a cooperative Project of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council
*Featured Book of the Month, Anti-Defamation League
*American Library Association Notable Book for Children 2016
*Skipping Stones Honor 2016
*International Literacy Association Choices Reading List

Unsettled (HarperCollins 2021)


I Can Help (Eerdmans, 2021)

Amira’s Picture Day (Holiday House, 2021)

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Rena Rossner

Twitter: @RenaRossner

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