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I’m SO glad you’re here! Whether you clicked over from my social media pages or are a long time blog-reader, welcome! I hope you stay a few minutes and scroll through my blog to get an idea of my photography style (real! colorful! playful!) and get to know me from my words and pictures. I love documenting sun-drenched-happiness-saturated-memories.

I hope I can meet you soon behind my camera lens. My home may have a smattering of lunchboxes on the counters mixed with yesterday’s mail and today’s cracker crumbs, but I try to keep this online home organized and crisp. I really hope my words and photos here refresh you and give you a break from whatever it is you’re working on. Get to know me by staying a while and click around! Without further ado…let’s get started on capturing those real-life-memories!

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT POLICY: In order for anyone to book a photoshoot, please send me a message on my Facebook Photography page here or email me with the subject line ‘Photosession’ to First, you would need to submit a deposit, which is half the session fee.  If you schedule your session at least 2 weeks prior to the date you are wanting, you may mail a check or pay via PayPal.  Please keep in mind the date is not held until payment is received.  If you book a photoshoot last minute, then you will need to pay via PayPal on the day you are booking.  Information for both PayPal and checks will be given when you contact me about making an appointment. Also, if you live far from me (i.e. 35 minutes or more), travel fees for gas mileage will be added onto the package of your choice.

To ensure that my photography bookings go smoothly for all, I am implementing a cancellation and appointment policy. I usually only do one photo shoot a day, so when one appointment date gets changed, it can throw off my schedule for the day as well as the schedule of the person who is watching my little children for me while I work.  Thus, please choose your date and time carefully.  I strive to be flexible in order to accommodate schedules, but constantly rescheduling an appointment for someone is unfair for other potential clients who may have wanted that day.  FYI, I try to limit myself to 2 photo shoots a week  (this allows me to enjoy what I do and give your photos the very best attention and care.). The rest of my work time I’m working on editing pictures, uploading pictures, and talking to clients.  My making-an-appointment policy and cancellation policy is as follows:

CANCELLATION POLICY: I specialize in children photography and I totally understand when children get sick! All appointments that are cancelled due to an emergency when given a 24 hour notice may reschedule.  If an appointment is cancelled, the client has up to 1 week to reschedule or they will lose the deposit.  If the 2nd appointment time that was made is also cancelled, then the client will lose the deposit made.  (Exceptions will be made for emergencies ~ I understand life happens and strive to be understanding!) Thank you for your understanding. Your time and my time are both precious.

If for any reason/emergency, I have to cancel your photoshoot then I will do my very best to give you the next date of your choice, as well as 10% off your photoshoot.

BAD WEATHER:  What happens if the weather is bad on the day of our photo shoot?  Please touch base with me as sometimes seemingly-moody-weather can make for great photos.  For example, cloudy overcast skies make for some great photos. I will advise you whether the appointment should be cancelled due to weather.   Bad weather that has all day raining/ thunderstorms will probably need a rescheduling or an indoor photoshoot.

Do keep in mind, when making an appointment, that most likely you will not get a perfect 70 degree day. Atlanta has moody weather!  When scheduling in the winter, it could be cooooold.  Winter photoshoots have a beauty of their own and I find the best photos from these sessions so please keep that in mind when scheduling and plan accordingly.  If you schedule something in the summer, it will most likely be hot. I usually schedule photoshoots at cooler times of the day (early mornings/late afternoons), so do not worry.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Know a friend or family who would love a photoshoot? I offer gift certificates! Please contact me and I will create a personalized gift certificate for a lucky family! I have done a few photoshoots as gifts and both the family and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

REFERRALS: If you refer a friend who books, please let me know so that I can give you a discount!

Thank you for your cooperation! I enjoy photographing your beautiful memories and I sincerely appreciate your business! Taking your photos means so much to me.

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