Tiny Pockets of Happiness

“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.”
― Walt Whitman

When you get caught up in the mundane stresses of life, it is refreshing to think of the tiny pockets of happiness that you are overlooking. In college, I remember a Psychology 101 class where we had to write a happiness list. It was one of my favorite assignments and I liked to continually add to it.

Amidst the busyness of this school year and my upcoming fall photoshoots (message if you want a session), there are days where I feel like I am simply going through the motions.

I was inspired by a recent CupofJo blog post where Joanna listed her simple pleasures of life. What are yours?

Here are mine ~

Simple Pleasures:

  • The word tapioca
  • my baby’s eyes squinting in sunlight
  • clouds going to sleep
  • Pakistani crows cawing
  • any tropical breeze
  • my grandmother’s voice
  • skylights
  • the days my children get hot lunch at school
  • packages in the mail
  • sprinkling turmeric in Maggie Ramen noodles that saturate in the spicy soup
  • my mother’s aloo-gosht curry with meat and potatoes
  • the sound of my baby crawling on the wooden floor with her hands slapping the ground pat, pat, pat
  • the personalities of my three brothers
  • a warm shawl
  • bubbling laughter of my cousins
  • when my father acts goofy with my daughters
  • when my mother bathes my children and their cheeks shine
  • lemon scented foaming kitchen soap
  • nursing and rocking my baby to sleep, forward, back, forward, back
  • hugging a warm towel from the dryer
  • seeing my children cackle and greet my husband after a long day of work
  • the chirpy sound the red cardinal makes at sunset and catching him feeding his mate
  • photoblogging
  • and lugging home a bag of fat crinkly books from the library!
washing machine hugs
teeny pony tails
Quran with a grandmother
slivers of sunlight at my mother’s home


a lived in family room…



Enjoying Entropy
the moment before you wash your hair…
rainbow I LOVE YOU MOM signs…
crawlaway feet
bunkbed toes


handstands whenever wherever


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