Pie in the Sky…

Before Z was born, I rarely used my deck. As a newlywed, I remember my aunt and uncle visiting and them commenting on the beauty of the deck and the outdoors surrounding it. They said they would love to eat breakfast out there. At that time, my breakfast consisted of grabbing a banana and running out the door to attempt to be on time for teaching 2nd grade which started at 7:15 a.m. Needless to say, breakfast outside on the deck was a rare happening.

Since Z was born, she’s loved outside. Even as a crying newborn, the minute we stepped outside, the crying would almost always magically stop and she would gaze around in wonder. Since that time, we go outside almost daily (providing there’s no heavy rain!)

On this day, it was absolutely gorgeous so we had an outdoor picnic. I love the greenery outside. We have vincas (in the yellow doodly pots – couldn’t resist doodling on them), zinnias, morning glories, cypress vine flowers, and gerber daisies (in tupperware boxes that I painted stripey and splattery and holed for H2O drainage).

Z was distracted by a bird perhaps? We get a bunch of beautiful birds…my favourites being humming birds who visit our morning glory vine.

Now she’s focused on eating…I think.

I love how her legs are in motion. Swinging happily. I also love the colours of the bluey whites on the pot I painted with acrylic paints behind her.

I like this angle and it shows off the sky. Luckily, she didn’t drop her sandwich..yet.

Piecing it apart.

While taking a breather to hair-twist…So I know my title is Pie in the Sky because it sounded better, but we actually had grilled cheese sandwiches. Healthier too. Love this wheaty bread. She ate (for her standards), a good bit. It’s got cream cheese as well as American sliced cheese and then lightly grilled on the sandwich maker…Mmmm. I finished the left overs.
Crumbs are celebrated! Luckily for Z, she is 100% washable.

Hoping for more picnic-able Pie/Sandwich/You-Name-It in the Sky days ahead of us!


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