So I know it’s not in a magazine (that was in my dream checklist), but I published a mini article on my grandmother  online.  Make sure to check it out :)!

It had to be 250 words, hence it is pretty short. So since pictures are worth a 1,000 words, here are some below.   The photo online is one where she’s all dolled up, but I love these natural ones of her enjoying oranges with her paper. It shows her true Pyarijanesque personality.


  1. REEEM! Wow, this article is my favorite one! Because I’ve known you all for so long & now I am piecing it all together! Now wonder you & Sister Huma are such amazing teachers, mA!! Your family’s foundation is one to be proud of!! Miss you all dearly 🙂

  2. I miss my Nani Amma so much! I LOVE the photographs–you’ve captured her spirit and your article is a lovely homage to your roots in education and family. Bravo.

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