So I know it’s not in a magazine (that was in my dream checklist), but I published a mini article on my grandmother  online.  Make sure to check it out :)!

It had to be 250 words, hence it is pretty short. So since pictures are worth a 1,000 words, here are some below.   The photo online is one where she’s all dolled up, but I love these natural ones of her enjoying oranges with her paper. It shows her true Pyarijanesque personality.


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  1. REEEM! Wow, this article is my favorite one! Because I’ve known you all for so long & now I am piecing it all together! Now wonder you & Sister Huma are such amazing teachers, mA!! Your family’s foundation is one to be proud of!! Miss you all dearly 🙂

  2. I miss my Nani Amma so much! I LOVE the photographs–you’ve captured her spirit and your article is a lovely homage to your roots in education and family. Bravo.

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