Twin Butterfly Photoshoot

Simone & Sydney had  been wearing their butterfly outfits since morning! I got there at 5 Pm so you can imagine their excitement to show off their costumes with sparkly wings and hot pink antennae.

During the photoshoot, I had a hard time telling them apart and had to look closely to figure it out. However, upon uploading photos I found it much easier to tell who is who! I now am able to notice and appreciate their distinct, beautiful features.

Below is my favourite photo of Simone. She took some time to warm up and enjoyed her flower. I love how she’s hiding her face with this bloom. By the end of the session, her fingers were stained pink as she had strewn the petals onto her deck.  The gallery & slideshow below have images of the petaly deck. FYI Simone is 30 minutes older than Sydney.

I love this one of Sydney. She just looks so happy to be zipping around on her deck. Full of life, energy. If she could fly, I’m sure she would. Alas, the butterfly costume can only transform her so much. With her imagination though, I’m sure she’s soaring.

Slideshow begin! Btw, I’m beginning to love photographing twins (remember my earlier twin photoshoot?) Send more twins my way if you know any who want photos :)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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