Ethan & Priyanka Photoshoot

Ethan & Priyanka are both 2 and half year old friends born within 4 days of one another. I loved seeing them interact with each other. Kristin brought a wagonful and strollerful of props, so look out for some fun photos!

Here’s the strollerful of props and a behind-the-scenes shot:

A toddler photoshoot can take a lot of prepping and a lot of stuff! I know just for me to lug Z around equals a bag of crackers, cheese, sandwich, back up clothes, etc! So here is what a toddler photoshoot looks like behind the scenes…Good job Kristin & Katie for being organized! They had snacks, props, and clothing changes. Here Ethan’s getting dressed by his mom Katie for round 2!

Here is my favourite Ethan photo: I love how his face is hidden and he looks really engrossed in his book and oblivious to the world around him! In his closeups, you will get to see his beautiful blue eyes that he’s hiding!

My favourite Priyanka photo: She looks like she’s in deep thought as she looks out onto the lake. I wish I knew what she was thinking at that moment. Look out for her adorably fashionable outfits and her gorgeous curls!

My favourite Ethan-Priyanka photo: They look so small in our world.

And I usually throw in one of Z for good measure. She usually likes to stay out of the camera’s way, but every now and then she wanders into the camera lens view. I usually capture her in the photo for me as it’s fun to see what exactly she was up to. Here, an acorn really caught her eye.

Slideshow begin!

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