A Walking Clock

“It will be gone before you know it. The fingerprints on the wall appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear.” Dorothy Evslin

When Z was a newborn, I would get the comment from other mothers, “Enjoy them. It passes so fast!” I didn’t know what they were talking about. The hours from the sleepless first few nights did indeed feel like long, slow, exhausted hours.

Now that I’m getting peaceful, full nights of sleep, I feel like the time is flying by. When time flies by, I usually don’t notice. I appreciate the seasons, but don’t count them. Z is like a walking clock, a measurer-of-time, if you will. She doesn’t outgrow clothes very quickly, since she is v.petite, but she is less baby, more little girl. A real, talking and walking person. It hit me today when she put on her sunglasses and walked around the house. It hits me when she has two pony tails and swishes her hair excitedly, rather than instantly pulling out her hairbands. More little girl. Less Baby.

Today I read another mother’s blog where her baby just passed away from a skin disease, and the work she had to do daily to help make her baby’s life comfortable. Where each day, this courageous, loving mom Courtney saw as a blessing and as a gain, I feel like the days I have with Z that fly by, I  see as them being lost, as passing too fast.

We need to appreciate good health and see time as a gift, each day, rather than agonize over our time passing by too quickly.

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” By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience” (Quran: 103).


  1. This one’s beautiful, Reem! I remember when I did not have to bathe Asna anymore, I actually felt sad! My last one, and I was not needed to bathe or dress them anymore! I felt empty like my physical role in their lives had ended. But Alhamdulillah! Grateful that they were normal. How many blessings of our Lord can we deny?

  2. I couldn’t agree more. As my time at home comes to an end, I find I’m even enjoying the moments of pure emotional breakdown from my little guy. Soon someone else will be brushing those tears away. Our children are precious and we need to remember that – even at 2am when they won’t go back to sleep. 🙂

  3. My youngest is off to preschool and I watch him turn more and more little boy, less toddler. It makes me feel sad, the last one growing up so fast…
    Z has such beautiful big brown eyes!

  4. Love ur blogs Reem…couldn’t agree more…time is flying now that I get a full night’s sleep….This one got tears in my eyes.

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