Z is messy. Even with a bib, she can eat pasta and can get tomato sauce all over her sleeves. On top of that, she has been given gorgeous clothes from loving family and friends around her. Such delicate outfits get worn once, twice, and then they’re done sadly. I could dress her in these fine clothes often, but then they’d get so dirty, so used, worn out. However, clothes are meant to be worn. If Z is given something pretty, she should wear it. She doesn’t grow so quickly, so it’s not a problem. I can’t help feeling guilty staring at fancy clothes barely worn. So every now and then, usually on Fridays, Z will dress up a little.  (I did buy an IKEA long sleeve bib for those outfits, and she’s okay wearing the bibs. Before, she’d have fought more over it.)

My mum’s mum Nana gave Z a gorgeous, pink, silk shalwar kameez with cotton lining. The border is decorated with pearls. She even has chooridaar pants to go with it. I felt photo-ey so decided to take some photos of her in her outfit. Unfortunately, she messed up the pants before the photoshoot. Cream leggings were in lieu of the chooridaar, and she wore them well too.

When I take photos of other babies/toddlers, I have to learn their angles, their poses, their actions. I don’t want to say poses per se because babies/toddlers do what they do. I’m used to what Z does so taking good photos of her will take 10 minutes. Other kids I like to have more time for their photoshoots so I can learn their actions, their personalities, and enjoy them. (Btw, I sometimes use a portrait lens so today I used a Canon 1.8 lens with my camera which is Canon Rebel t3i. It gives the image a nice crispness and good lighting. Usually I use a standard 18-55 mm lens cause I like to contrast Z’s petiteness with the big world around her)

The clothing is from Behbud Creations in Karachi, Pakistan on Zam Zama Road and ladies who don’t have much work on these intricate outfits. The money goes to an amazing cause (empowering women) so if you’re in the area do stop by! The outfits are amazing and they actually FIT Z. Here in America she drowns in a lot of clothing so it’s nice that the inner lining of the clothing is tailored to her body. Even the chooridaar pants actually fit her ankles!

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“Indeed, God will admit those who believe and do righteous deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and pearl, and their garments therein will be silk” (Quran 22:23).

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