A Victory Lap

“The parents exist to teach the child, but also they must learn what the child has to teach them; and the child has a very great deal to teach them” – Arnold Bennett.

Have you had one of those days even when you’re trying to rush, but you’re still being really slow? That was today. Z and I were attempting to go to the mosque for Quran Class with the Aunties. It’s in Urdu; the aunties are nice; and it’s followed with good food.

Z and I were finally dressed and on our way out to door. As I opened the baby gate and called to Z, she still did not come over. She was too busy playing with her pink and purple car, the one where you can sit on and push with your feet and off-you-go!

Finally she toddled over lugging her car behind her. Upon me telling her LET’S GO (aka CHALO in Urdu), she swiftly gave the car a push which landed on the 2nd landing downstairs and crashed pitifully.

You would think end-of-story, but no. Once we made it to the downstairs halfway 2nd landing, she grabbed onto the car, and wouldn’t let go. This time, I just picked her up, tired of waiting – and of being late – but she wouldn’t … let … go. The car still dangled from her hands. Mind you, the car is pretty big and bulky and wider than her. After forcefully removing the car from her hands, we were ready to go! In my other hand, I was also holding my overstuffed handbag, Z’s reinforcements, aka food, and a backup outfit, and I had just put the carseat downstairs.

Finally fully downstairs, away from Z’s beloved toy car, I rushed to my non-toy-car to put away all the aforementioned things leaving Z inside, when I heard the dreaded THUMP, THUMPITTY THUMP, THUMP, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I looked up in horror to see the toy car crash downstairs, followed by an indignant, wailing Z. By this time, I was shocked and very worried as I did not know if Z was ok. Did Z just ride her car down the remaining half of the stairs? Or did Z attempt to pick up her car and walk down the stairs? Either ways, Z was sprawled on the floor. After helping the still wailing Z up, and feeling like a bad mother, Z immediately walked over to the car, turned it the right side up, proceeded to push the car out the house and garage, jump on the car, and zoom down our driveway.

At this point, I was just happy Z was alive, healthy, and happy and let her do her Victory Lap on the sunny driveway with feet up exultantly in the air.

You Win Z.

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