Painted Feet

“Mothering should involve both taking care of someone who is dependent and at the same time supporting that person in his or her efforts to become independent.” – Signe Hammer

I really wanted to paint today and I had 2 extra canvases in my store room. I let Z participate too and thought she could paint on her canvas while I paint on mine. I’d put on her smock, and each of us would end our session with a beautiful piece of work.

Easier said than done! Z liked using my paint brushes but wanted to touch the paint with her fingers.

Problem was, I don’t have finger paint, just acrylics. Oh well. The paint washed off with some vigorous soap scrubbing! Z was tempted to touch the paint blobs….

… and once she did so, she would look down at her fingers ….

and say , “Oh No!” I would reassure her it was ok and then encourage her to use the brush.

After 5 minutes, Z was done, but I wasn’t! Z then proceeded to STEP on my painting, and walk off the sheet on the floor, and take a few steps around the kitchen. Luckily, everything was cleaned, and I had to stop my painting in the middle. It does have an interesting effect though and if you look carefully, you can see her foot prints!

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“And [He has subjected] whatever He multiplied for you on the earth of varying colors. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who remember” (Quran 16:13).


  1. MashaAllah you have such an amazing skill of observation! I showed your blog to my mom, who is an artist as well, and she was absolutely blown away. May I ask what kind of camera you use?

    1. I’m happy you and your mom liked the blog! What kind of art does your mom do? I use a canon rebel t3i camera and for the ‘painted feet’ photoshoot I used a 1.8 50 Mm lens. For other photoshoots such as ‘Lahore fort’ I used a 18-55mm regular lens. I often use picasa for slight editing. Hope this helps :)!

      1. Thanks for the camera info! My mom has a BA in fine arts, she loves painting, drawing, crafting, calligraphy – even our house walls are her canvas. If you were in Kansas, we would definitely ask for a few photography sessions 🙂

        The blog you saw is actually a class project for now – Writing and Editing for the Web. I chose the theme of Pakistani-American culture, and it’s a link blog, so I basically post reflections on relevant material that I find interesting. Needless to say, I’ll definitely continue to link to you 🙂 And if you ever find anything interesting that I should post, let me know inshaAllah!

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