Gardening in Gold

“Art is like baby shoes. When you coat them with gold, they can no longer be worn.” John Updike

I disagree with the quote above and will prove it to you below. Gold baby shoes can be worn!

Z was given these gorgeous little gold slippers by a relative in Pakistan.

I wanted to garden today. Z wanted to wear her gold slippers. She amazes me by how she keeps her accessories on. She can keep her bangles on the whole day, and trying to get them off before a nap can be a struggle! I love the sound these gold slippers make, and how excited Z is to be in them. I love how they have white elastic on the back so they don’t fall off as much!

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  1. Z’s a real girl eh! Or it could be those shoes are comfy! Whichever, the pictures are adorable. I like her standing side pose one! She looks like she’s modelling!
    Love and hugs,

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