“I wanted so badly to study ballet, but it was really all about wearing the tutu.”  – Elle MacPherson

“Do you think Z will do ballet?” asked my cousin.

“I’d rather her do art” I replied.

“But what if she wants to do ballet?” asked my cousin.

“You’re right…I guess she wins then…”

Sometimes I forget that Z is not, and will not, be just like me. She is herself and has her own unique tastes and wants and needs. Sometimes I automatically fish out the mushrooms from the Chinese Lomein because hey, she won’t like mushrooms, but then I have to remind myself, no that don’t like mushrooms, Z might actually like them.

Side Note: She is growing up and can be super social one day, super mellow the next. Today, at Target, she said “Hiiiiiii” to everyone who passed by. Needless to say, we got a lot of surprised responses back…”Why Hello there!” / “Hi! How are you?” / “Uh..Hey.” It’s always funny to see a grown collegey-age guy respond with a quick “Hey.”

Back to the Tutus. Z loves tutus. She will often grab her tutu from her chest of drawers so that she will get to wear them. I love this one below..my mother got it on Sale probably because Easter was over, but Easter aside, Z loves it.

I love how she LOVES outside and it’s almost if she is trying to get outside just by her body language. I love outside too!


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