The Quest for an Ikea Table

I haven’t been very photo-ey and computery lately. I noticed when back from my cruise, I didn’t have that many emails/Facebook notifications to get back to which was refreshing indeed. I noticed the more you give Facebook/the online world, the more you get back. The more you lay low, the less you get back.

It feels good to have less screen time. I get more done on my to-d0 list, or not, which is equally refreshing.

Every day with Z goes by so quickly it seems, she will be ready for preschool before I know it. No longer in Publix Baby Club, now the Publix Preschool Pals, Publix informs me via glossy page in the mail.

I’ve been trying to focus a little bit of energy on at-home Montessori activities and the like, as I know time with her is precious. I know my future will get busy!

Anyways, Ikea has the best little items for little toddlers like Z. However, going with Z to Ikea is a task in itself!  I bought her a wooden little table and 2 little chairs to go with it, along with some cool educational toys for children.

On the way to the 2nd floor, I skipped getting the trolley assuming I’d get a trolley on the 2nd floor, but alas there were no trolleys to be found, which meant holding hands with Z and attempting to walk her through the Ikea showroom to write down the # of the item we want, then to go back downstairs to find the correct item. This proved to be entertaining as Z wanted to try out each toy, and even beds!

Almost on the way out of the door and surviving Ikea, we stopped to get a frozen yogurt in a cup – can’t do cone with Z – we share and can you imagine the state of our hands and clothes with a cone? Even with the cup, we still get pretty messy.

Before eating our ice cream, I decided to take Z, her stuffed animal, and my wallet to the restroom. I remember placing my wallet above the toilet roll dispenser thinking in my head Whatever you do, don’t forget the wallet! Anyways Z and I proceeded out – she got to wash her hands at this child-friendly sink at her level, and we left. Immediately once I exited the restroom, I looked at my items. Stuffed Animal – check. Z – check. Wallet – uh oh. I then proceeded back inside to the restroom, had to re-remember the stall we visited and re-wait for different women to exit the stalls. None of them had my wallet!

By now the frozen yogurt was melted, Z was whiney, I was worrisome and internally praying. After a few minutes of that, I heard my name called and v.relieved and gratefully retrieved my wallet at an Ikea Desk upstairs that didn’t have elevator access, which meant I had to de-trolley Z, yogurty dress and hands and all, and go get my wallet, which was blessedly turned in by someone who found it.

What amazes me is that I had just exited the restroom stall for only maybe 1 minute when I reentered to find the wallet wasn’t there, but rather turned in to a cashier. I’m grateful for good citizens in this world!

I look forward to lots of learning on this table!

“To God we belong and to Him we shall return.” (Quran 2:156) – good prayer to make when you lose something (i.e. wallet!)


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