Embracing Entropy

” Mess Entropy: Mess entropy refers to the tendency of a room to naturally become less tidy as time progresses. May be expressed mathematically as:   dE=dM/t where E is the mess entropy, M is the actual amount of mess, and t is a given time interval. Regardless of a room’s size, mess entropy will expand to fill it. ” – Urban Dictionary.

Currently my house is pretty much pile free. This is pretty rare as there are usually piles of some sort around the house, usually clothes! I absolutely love living in a town house: it’s a perfect home for little families and has a nice layout. The only thing I wish it had was more storage space, as in more closet space!

Anyways my neighbors rave about Amazon Cleaning so I got them to clean my house and they set up a monthly schedule: it works out really well as they do a great job. I felt motivated by them cleaning so de-piled the upstairs, which meant constant laundry today! Z was happy as got to run through out the upstairs without tripping on piles or dodging and got to say ‘Baago!’ aka ‘run’ in Urdu.

I remember learning about Entropy in highschool. There were 2 photos of a room, 1 messy and 1 clean and the caption read about how  Entropy is the cause of disorder.

Yesterday, my house was full of piles. I still managed to enjoy my house and a lazy, lovely Sunday. Entropy is ok. The house will never be perpetually clean. I read somewhere that piles of laundry will always be there, but kids won’t. Kids Grow. Entropy/Disorder stays. I know by tomorrow or day after a new pile will form, and there will be more laundry to be done, and such is life.

Since I’m writing about entropy (aka mess), I’m posting a few yogurty photos of Z. That day she was v.picky with eating so I placed her unfinished yogurt on the table. She later scooped it up and proceeded outside to our deck. At that point, I didn’t want to reattempt highchairing her and let her wander, spill, and yes some of the yogurt did get digested by her, and those clothes are now clean and put away.

Entropy be gone!

So she ate some of it.

Love jeans on babies. Also love how they look in photos. Also Z is having a mini dress rebellion and will say ‘Nahi Paihna” which means “Not wearing” and then proceed to throw the dress off. So we’ve been resorting to pants & tanks lately!

Unphased by the spills so far.


Abandoned Spoon.

Officially done! AT this point Z was clamoring ‘Haat Pocho!” which in Urdu means ‘Wipe Hands!” so we did!

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