Red Dough


“Once Play-Doh colors are mixed, there’s no going back” – Dee Ann Stewart.

I made some playdough the other day. I googled a recipe, but forgot how I made it, or where I found it, but it was one that didn’t involve cooking (yay) or cream of tartar (haven’t bought it and don’t know if/when I ever will).

It’s still functional dough and pretty clean, and feels nice and smooth. Here are some images of Z & I enjoying the playdough!

I picked up a playdough letter set from CVS and really glad I did. It was on sale, and you simply press the letters in the dough. Unfortunately, we’re missing some letters. Oh well.

Ikea sells some really nice baking sets for kids as well as cookie cutters. Sometimes I make Z’s sandwiches into shapes. She’s really into shapes lately! She thinks the gingerbread shape is a butterfly though.

The rolling pin is also from Ikea and helps roll out the dough. The little tray is also from Ikea and was sold with the baking set.

I love her fingers and the dough indentations!

More next time!


  1. You better find the play dough recipe. If this has kept so well, the recipe is to keep! The consistency looks velvety! I love the little alphabet cutters. I think you should share this post with ikea. They might want the pictures for their catalog!

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