Wet Swirls

I love mendhi/henna and Z does too. She’s been asking for it since she saw it in the fridge a few days back so finally gave in as Eid is on Friday.

I love these elaborate, traditional swirls that adorn hands on festive occasions.

I’m sure Z’s would have been more detailed if she’d have been still for longer but she did a good job!

On the other hand she requested a ‘havai jahaz’ / airplane and a ‘runway’! I obliged and she has an airplane on her other hand – Z is her grandfather’s granddaughter. My father loves airplanes so much so that he has his own aviation parts company. Needless to say, Z and him both get along and Z often likes to peruse his aviation magazines.

Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate Eid! Enjoy this quick iPhone photo- love how convenient it is to take photos from my phone!



  1. This is the one thing about having a daughter that I crave [well among other things, lol] but yeah, henna was such a big part of my upbringing, chaand raat. Lovely pictures, I want to see the runway!

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