Two in Two weeks

Before I gave birth to Z, I remember watching a bunch of The Baby Show on TLC and hearing people’s labor stories. I wondered what labor would be like. Nonetheless when my first labor came around I still felt unprepared for labor and its true pain.

This time around I didn’t wonder about labor – I wondered how life with two would be. I looked at moms in the library who had children Z’s age along with itty bitty babies. These mothers seemed to dangle car seats from their pinkies while restraining toddlers with their other arms- major multitasking! They nursed and nurtured newborns while engaging and entertaining 2 year olds. They make parenting look easy and effortless!

So these last 2 weeks with 2 I’ve made a few realizations:

I read and heard to have a basket of dollar store toys for older child when nursing a newborn – I never got around to doing that. Z has been reading a bunch of books with me (the same ones over and over) during this time so it works out!


Read and listen to the Post Partum brochure. Its good to relax, good to accept help if you are lucky enough to have some, and good to focus on resting rather than housework. Sleep trumps housework any day!



This time around my challenge is to keep baby A fed and Z entertained when needed.

Also I’m trying to maintain my home, rather than letting chores pile up. So I may load a dish and laundry more instantly since I noticed with 2 there are some quiet moments that can quickly turn into hectic ones so I have to use my time semi-wisely.


I have witnessed Z morph from a tiny newborn to a big – yet still small – toddler so I want to make sure to slow down and enjoy these fleeting moments. I love how little babies start out!


Love the above quote! Sleep is definitely a repose. When both girls are asleep it is an accomplishment and I can’t think of anything better than napping too! Amazing how I used to clock in full nights of sleep and am now reduced to interrupted fragments of sleep. But I do appreciate the fragments I get.

Much admiration to mothers with 2+ children. Think baby A is finally clocking in for some sleep so off I go too- got to enjoy this cozy robe called night!


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