Family Fingers and Toes

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ~ Eudora Welty.

I took some photos of my family this weekend and notice I take many photos of hands and feet, fingers and toes. I feel like you can tell a story from people’s body language via hands and feet. At least in photos I notice.


These look like hands that have just played outside. Z loves buttons.

IMG_1229Z tried to share her popcorn with Baby A. I keep telling her A doesn’t have any teeth. But what struck me from this photo is how small A’s hands are, and how big the popcorn kernel looks relatively compared to her hands. I remember when teaching 2nd grade, we taught the students how to measure with non standard units, such as paperclips. A’s hands could be measured with popcorn kernels.


Weekends are all about sofa naps.

These feet look like tired feet that are getting some rest.IMG_1374

Mellow infant feet.IMG_1375

Swinging toddler feet.
20130112-172822.jpgand chalky doodles of my traced feet!



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