Squash Steps

Step 1: Go to Atlanta Food Truck. There, eat the loaded fries with lamb masala at Masala Fresh. Make sure to stop by 4GreenVision Works on your way out and spontaneously buy 2 Squashes.IMG_2216Don’t they look like pretty yellow ducks?


Step 2: Refer to your cookbook by Shireen Anwer. She’s my great aunt! She is a great chef and is on a TV cooking show in Pakistan. Love her recipes as they are also part of my family. Toorai means squash.


Step 3: Sneak in a quick photo. So I couldn’t decide if I liked the white chopping board as a background or pink, so inserted both in this post.
IMG_2226So I know it says to slice thin, but with a toddler and baby, I’m always in a hurry!


Step 4: Involve toddler in cooking process by getting her to ‘help.’ Here, Z is gleefully helping me dispose of the squash peels in the trash. She dropped a bunch on purpose on the floor and then scooped them up. At least they ended up in the trash.IMG_2250Step 5: Eat and Enjoy!

Final product: Toorai Sabzi aka chopped squash, potatoes, a few cherry tomatoes, cilantro garnish mixed with the aforementioned spices on the recipe cookbook photo. The turmeric gives the curry a lovely golden color; this curry was topped on fluffy Jasmine rice. Yum!

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