My Missing Hour

“We must not fear daylight just because it almost always illuminates a miserable world.” ~ Rene Magritte.

When spring hits and daylight saving occurs, I can’t help feeling annoyed, sluggish, irked, you name it. I don’t like that my hour is gone, missing, has evaporated. I feel a sense of urgency getting ready for bed and I can’t help thinking that my hour is gone! Plus babies and toddlers don’t know that the hour has changed which means that bedtime for them is later which basically means I get less time for myself ~ a vicious cycle!

I recently saw my friend Aisha ( check out her blog if you haven’t!) and it was pretty amazing as the last time I went to her home we were both pregnant mothers with toddlers. Now we are still mothers with toddlers, but also have babies with us. It was pretty surreal to see how our lives have unfolded, but at the same surprisingly natural to see the addition of these little babies to our lives!

Here are some images of Baby A below. If your’e wondering why I don’t post any photos of showing hers or Z’s full face, my reasoning is here. Long story short, I just don’t feel comfy yet. I do take many photos of her full face which I share with close friends and family for the moment!

I won’t add blurbs for all the photos below – my time is running out and I’m an hour behind as mentioned above! Hoping I’ll adapt better to this time change. I was reading another blog and I love how the author Kelle Hampton says there are many things she may not know, but she does know how to savor a baby. So many times with our race against time, we may not take the time to savor a baby.

I remember my brother reminiscing saying how he loved how little babies stretched, and the way they sometimes let out little laughs during their sleep. Such simple things that I’m sure I craved before having baby A, but somehow amidst the diaper changing, feedings, nighttime wakings, I overlooked these things that he fondly remembered. Now, when baby A stretches into an inverted letter C or lets out little snuffly giggles, I think of my brother Talha and how he would enjoy that moment and I try to savor it.

Here are my baby-A-savoring-moments for this week! I am totally savoring Z too ~ finding it easier to photograph baby A sometimes as she stays put!

IMG_2788-2 IMG_2811

love spiky lashes and spiky hair! IMG_2831

tightly clenched fists so typical of babies this age!IMG_2832 IMG_2841-2

Z wearing her ‘Pilot in Training’ Shirt while pretending to  apply nailpolish to baby A!


“O mankind, there has come to you a conclusive proof from your Lord, and We have sent down to you a clear light.” (4:174).


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