Tiana, Robert, Kyle, and Alina

IMG_3675-3Here’s Alina. Isn’t she gorgeous? I love her blue blue blue eyes. She actually rolled over a few seconds before this photo was taken. I was so impressed I put down my camera and smiled, and by the time I picked it back up, she didn’t roll again for that day. Whoops!


IMG_3922-2I love the way Tiana’s looking at Alina. Her expression is so beautiful and she looks at peace. Alina is lucky!

tiana picasa2-2

Love the little touches Alina has brought into their home.IMG_3757-3


Don’t they look happy?IMG_3637-4

And Here’s Kyle! He’s 2  and full of energy and life.

tiana picasa6-3He was full of expression; his face kept changing which I love about him as a 2 year old. He could also paint for an impressively long time. Beautiful strokes of color.

toddler paintIMG_3626-3 IMG_3521-3love how focused he is here!

tiana picasa4-2


Looking forward to more photos of this beautiful family!

Fun Fact: Tiana and I both had our 2 children within days of each other. She was pregnant with Kyle while I was with Z so both are 2 weeks apart with Kyle being a little older.  Alina and my baby A are also 2 weeks apart with baby A being a little older!

Also, need a diaper bag? duffel bag? or need to get organized? Tiana’s selling some great products fromThirty-One so be sure to support her and check out her stuff!



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