Gym Cancellation Goal

“I don’t go to a gym. I find that really hard to do.” ~ Sienna Miller

I had high hopes for myself and joined LA Fitness. I went more in my free 2 week trial than I did in my 2 paid months! I called them up to cancel my gym membership to which they informed me that I had to do it in person. Then I was told I could just freeze my account upon trying to do that they said I’d just been billed the day before and would have to pay for that month and hey, freeze it next month. Sigh. Then I was told I could mail in my cancellation, but it would have to received 10 days prior to the day of my billing. Double Sigh. So I had to do the inevitable and just go to the gym to cancel my membership.

After going to someone’s house, I was passing LA Fitness so I decided to take the plunge. I dangled sleeping baby A in her carseat on my arm, held Z’s arm (who had an armful of sparkly bangles attached to it), schlepped through the parking lot, and walked in. We probably stood out from all the sleek and chic gym go-ers. I was wearing a billowy mustard kurta, hot pink chooridaar leggings and accompanied by two little ones. When I made it to the front desk and asked to cancel it, they informed me that the person who I was supposed to talk to was on vacation and to come back another time. I asked if they could leave a message for her so that I wouldn’t have to venture out to the gym with my two children just to cancel my membership, and that it was becoming a big hassle as I couldn’t do it over the phone to which they said sorry they couldn’t and I could try another LA Fitness location.

At this point, I spoke my mind (something I need to get better at). I said it was crazy that I couldn’t cancel it then and there; that I didn’t want to pay for yet another month. I didn’t want to go to the gym again with my 2 children, and to drag them out of the car, just to cancel a membership, that my life is a workout and that I don’t need the gym!

Upon which a man witnessing this spectacle behind the desk ventured, “I’ll cancel it.”

I happily went to the other side of the desk and accomplished my new goal, cancelling my gym membership. As I was exiting I couldn’t help thinking how much workout my biceps were getting as I was dangling baby A’s car seat!

Taking care of these 2 is a workout!

IMG_5000 IMG_5116 IMG_5122 IMG_5208-2 IMG_5226

IMG_5157 IMG_5212

2 Orange Dresses: stitched by my cousin Asna


  1. Hi Reem, visiting your blog after a long time. I’m glad you didn’t take no for an answer. After watching A or Z for 15 minutes I am exhausted! Oh and H & I wonder all the time how parents are so strong and have so much energy and patience.

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