Throwing Pies

I was at the Kroger check out counter with baby A and Z when I told the cashier that the last time I’d seen her was when I had been pregnant. She recognized me and asked if baby A was indeed the baby who I’d carried in my belly, and then admired her. Z was sitting in the trolley in a car attachment and baby A was strapped onto me in a baby bjorn carrier. She then commented how the time passed so quickly.

Yes it did.

I’ve purposely been avoiding grocery shopping with 2 children and having my husband go instead, but sometimes, milk must be bought! Seeing the cashier brought back memories of how the last time I was there was when it was just Z and me, and how Z had had a tantrum at the checkout counter. It’s always at the checkout counter, and how Z had leaned into the grocery cart and thrown pie shells onto the floor creating cracked pie shells. Repeatedly.

This time, Z was happily steering the trolley-car-attachment , baby A was at the moment okay, and I had successfully  managed to go to Kroger solo with 2 girls. We did have a moment where I realized my bright pink shopping list post-it was gone and was found fragmented and slobbery in baby A’s chubby hands, and upon prying it away from her fingers, she had a mini meltdown, but all’s well that end’s well. I couldn’t read the remaining things to get on the shopping list, so left sooner, which was a good thing!

Also, not sure how people manage to grocery shop trip alone with a toddler and infant? The car seat barely fits in the trolley, and then if I do bring the car seat, then Z is stuck having to walk, and with everything enticing at toddler level, that’s not going to work. So Z gets plopped in the trolley; baby A goes in my baby sling, but she is getting heavy… if you know have any tips on how to arrange both a toddler & infant in shopping cart, please share!
This week’s images below involve chalky decks, an impromptu park trip, and more. Earlier this week, I took both girls to Target and when I came home, baby A fell almost-instantly-asleep on the wooden floor so included that image below! A few images from this week…




yummy toes!





love, love, love baby denim jeans!



a hexagon, in case you were wondering!


On a side note, this is my 201st Blog Post! Thanks for reading!


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