Molly & Noah’s 1 Year Photoshoot

Life is two-riffic with twins. ~Author Unknown

Remember Katie?  Here she is! I love photographing clients over and over as I see how far they’ve come. Here was Katie once upon a time at our maternity session.

And then came Molly & Noah as newborns.


Here’s Molly at one year!

and here’s Noah at one year!IMG_7509-4

Katie & Jason were amazing to watch in action. They were great at communicating, and at one point looked at each other, said ‘Swap!’ and each deftly and swiftly swapped a child to vary up the family photo. Parents of twins raise the bar of parenting!IMG_7522-2

Love Noah’s big smile! This was also Molly’s first time wearing/keeping in her hair clip.IMG_7524-2

They were on the go!
IMG_7544-2 IMG_7585-2Thank you Katie & Jason for letting me photograph you these last couple of years ~ looking forward to the next photoshoot!

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