“Life is one big transition.” ~ Willie Stargell.

When I taught 2nd grade, transitions were big. To quietly transition in the hallways was a success. We were in a constant day of transition. Transitioning from math to spelling, from lunch to restrooms. Then when you looked up the day was over transitioning from one full of hustle and bustle to one in which  lone pencil shavings littered the floor.

Similarly, I’ve noticed life is full of transitions too. Subtle ones like autumn leaves turning from green into pale yellow, then when you look again you see bold yellow leaves. Transitions in which all of a sudden a baby becomes a person, in which smiles becomes laughs, hands can clap, and suddenly the baby has a Hellen Keller moment in which they can do something that they’ve never done before. Baby A is starting to do things that she hasn’t done before, which is exciting, and I hope stay exciting and that I appreciate the little things that she does.

Hoping all our transitions stay smooth and that we notice the products of the transition, and appreciate them too.IMG_1163

transitioning from helmet days to just needing helmet for nights and naps. Thankful for this transition.IMG_1164-2 IMG_1171

I love little ponytails!IMG_1166-2

and braids!IMG_1167-2

Transitioning into finally sharing!IMG_1176Crayon sisters!

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.
Isaac Asimov




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