Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story book review


My latest book review is on an Eid story called Night of the Moon.

Author: Hena Khan . She blogs at and replies promptly.

Illustrator: Julie Paschkis

  • Age Range: 4 – 8 years (though I think it’s probably meant for children a little older 6+; is wordy for my preschooler Z so needed adaptations)
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Chronicle Books (September 1, 2008)

Availability: The Atlanta Library system has this story (yes!) as does Amazon.

This is a story about Yasmeen who enjoys the month of Ramadan. As the month passes, she notices the moon’s phases. The Night of the Moon (Chaand Raat) is the night before Eid, meaning that Ramadan has come to an end. This story doesn’t have a major conflict~ it’s simply Yasmeen enjoying Ramadan and the moon, a simple warm story.

Amazon Summary: Yasmeen, a seven-year-old Pakistani-American girl, celebrates the Muslim holidays of Ramadan, “The Night of the Moon” (Chaand Raat), and Eid. With lush illustrations that evoke Islamic art, this beautiful story offers a window into modern Muslim culture—and into the ancient roots from within its traditions have grown.

Observation: I’ve noticed many Ramadan stories about the moon now, so I do want a bit more variety on this. However, Hena Khan’s moon descriptions are well written and appealing.

Favorite Quote:

She looked up at the moon, which was half full now ~ like a half-eaten cupcake.


After dinner, Yasmeen peeked out the window at the moon. It looked like it was stuffed with good food, too, since it was now a thick crescent.

I liked the moon descriptions and comparisons paired with the vibrant painted pictures. I believe this story is a soothing read for a child who is old enough to understand Eid and relate to the traditions around Eid.

Here’s my Look Inside!

IMG_1241 IMG_1247 IMG_1240 IMG_1239More later!


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