Yasmin & Ammar’s Family Fall Photoshoot

I was excited to photograph Yasmin, Ammar, Zain and baby sister Nooriya, and during my favorite season autumn. I enjoyed seeing the family interact with their newest family member Nooriya. Babies grow so fast, so I’m happy we got some of Nooriya while she is still small. Here are a few of my faves below (I loved their outfits especially Zain & Ammar’s elbow patches!) … looking forward to photographing this beautiful family soon again!

IMG_1906-2 IMG_1915-2

2 month old beauty!IMG_1930-2
love baby smiles!IMG_1943-2
love how they’re admiring her.IMG_1957-4
love how Yasmin looks in charge here.IMG_1973-2

When I was taking this photo, a passerby told me I should take a photo facing the lighting, but I wanted the photo against the lighting to get this glowy effect.

IMG_2004-6 IMG_2009-6IMG_2034-2 IMG_2056-2
So another passer-by asked why Nooriya was crying ~ babies cry because that’s what they do! Babies cry and they cry loudly whether they’re 20 feet away from you or 20 inches away from you. Ammar’s expression with Nooriya is priceless!IMG_2093-2

body language. IMG_2124-3
IMG_2183-2 IMG_2193-2



Haven’t done a slideshow in a while, here are the images below!

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