Welcoming Daanya Photoshoot

Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister?  ~Alice Walker

I was recently asked if I get tired of photographing families ~ I don’t! I love how each family is unique and that I get to witness behind-the-scene-moments to get images like below. I especially love seeing relationships unfold in front of me, a mother caressing a newborn, an active toddler slowing down to be gentle for a minute with a little one,  a father softening when admiring his daughter, and so on!

Here is baby Daanya being welcomed by her family.

IMG_2796-4I especially liked the one above of these 2 sisters and wished I’d gotten more of Z & A together like this. This took a few tries to get, but happy we got this treasure and hope it’ll be cherished.

More later!

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