It’s spring here which means chalky decks, and toddler feet bottoms roughened with chalk dust. It means bubbles being diligently blown  and crushed, it means faces pinkened by sun, and puffy jackets finally forlorn and forgotten.

Spring means the planting of sunflower seeds, which hopefully weren’t too disturbed by baby A re-digging and sprinkling soil all over the already-chalky-deck.

Spring means finger-paint-spread-on-toes and eager toes jumping on white paper. Spring means pancakes for dinner, and more!

IMG_5352 IMG_5366-2

these are the bubbles my father taught us to make whenever we were out of bubbles, simply fill a cup with soapy water, a straw and blow the bubbles to the top with the straw, and then re-blow to scatter! but make sure to keep out of baby’s reach so they don’t drink this concoction!
IMG_5386 IMG_5379-2 IMG_5347-2 IMG_5414-2

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