Fairyal’s Family Photoshoot

I’ve known Fairyal for the last couple of years now, and we’ve been meaning to get a photoshoot so I’m glad we made it happen! They also brought along their german shepherd Torres, so it was my first family photoshoot with a dog! Torres was excited to be out and about, and at the end cooperated beautifully and posed for us! He did not pose for long, but just for a quick second, but one good photo is all you need! IMG_6827-2 IMG_6834-2 IMG_6840-2 IMG_6847-2 IMG_6855-2

Celebrating Seyhan’s 11th birthday!
IMG_6869-2 IMG_6877-2 IMG_6927-2 IMG_6950-3 IMG_6975-2 IMG_6977-2 IMG_7019-2 IMG_7039-2 IMG_7062-2 IMG_7067-2 IMG_7096-2

So this is the one in which Torres posed for us! It took a few shots to get this, but it worked! Thanks Torres!  It was refreshing to work with older children as lately I’ve been working with a lot of toddlers and preschoolers, so these ones all followed directions and were fun to talk with!IMG_7112-3

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