Lessons from my Garden

And the example of those who spend their wealth seeking means to the approval of God and assuring [reward for] themselves is like a garden on high ground which is hit by a downpour – so it yields its fruits in double. And [even] if it is not hit by a downpour, then a drizzle [is sufficient]. And God , of what you do, is Seeing.


      1. Hey, message me your phone number and I’ll text you my days off next week and well set something up in the afternoon around early evening so were not in the strongest heat….
        Danny says he doesn’t want baby a and little z to get too hot…..
        Oh and his says to bring carrots it if you bring apples, bring them cut IP in to largfe pieces…. He has a tooth missing…. OK danny that’s enough. But Reem whatever works on my days off is good….plus your mom can come with you….

  1. Thanks for sharing such a sweet lesson in tune with the meaning of Ramadan. Also, I love your eye for photography and beautiful flowers! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post, it makes me feel a little happier in rainy days. My boyfriend also grow some mushrooms in his tiny garden so I understand the worry when nothing shows up and the joy when a tiny white baby mushroom arrives. Gardening bring peace to our life, God blesses those who have a kind-hearted.

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