Allah’s Prophets: Board Game Review!

I’ve been reviewing books, so when Share the Deen, a company that makes entertaining&educational Islamig games and products, reached out to me about reviewing a board game, I thought it would be fun! I’ve only played a real Islamic board game once, during a Youth Group night at the masjid. It was fun; I didn’t know quite a few answers, but I thought it was cool to have a real game. So many games I’ve had to make for Sunday School, simple ones with flash cards. Even today, Z and I played a makeshift fishing game, with a magnet, Arabic letters, and paper clips!

So when Allah’s Prophets (one of their popular board games) came in the mail, I was excited to start playing. I’m actually looking forward to playing this with my 7 year old niece as she’s just the right age for this. Z can’t read so is too young, but I had her help me play it on my own today. Baby A lingered nearby and loved fiddling with the cards (and knocking them over!) I need to play this when she’s napping.

There is an answer key which is important to keep. This is a memory game, with a twist that I really like. Instead of just matching up the cards, you match the Q and A cards, question and answer cards. The instructions also give a few options of how to play this game. I also liked that the cards were about the prophets and varied from easy to challenging/tricky. This game, I knew lots of answers which I liked!

This would also be a great game for Sunday School. I could totally imagine students happily playing this. The cards are colorful (Z enjoyed making patterns!), and the game is professionally made and thought of! It also doesn’t have lots of tiny, annoying parts, but simple well-made cards, that are pretty easy to clean up. This is a great Eid gift for children 8+ or any person for that matter. Who said games are just for children anyways?! Also, put in the promocode, Ramadan14 to save 10% off this order here.

IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0372 IMG_0377 IMG_0383 IMG_0385 043


  1. Looks like a good game that could be played different ways 🙂 I bet you could do it “go fish” style as well! We might have to check it out.

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