Blue Flowers Bloom

Getting adjusted to a new routine in which unordinary things happen on ordinary days.

Blue flowers bloom


and today we saw a turkey cross a busy Atlanta road. Cars stopped, the turkey flailed, wandered, then ran to safety while Z and A watched on jubilantly, and were reminder of the turkeys in West Virginia!

Z started school.




Z starting school has given us a new routine in which like the turkey we may have stopped what we were doing, flailed and wandered, but then a little lost, still made it to safety or home.


Baby A keeps repeating that Z is in school with a sad question intonation and is still adjusting to the daily 6 and a half hours without big sister entertainment. She still asks for 2 crackers, one for her, and one for Z before looking around then remembering. Then she’ll take out 2 breakfast plates for pancakes and remember again, and then finally will command me to sit in Z’s red chair, “sit Mummy! SIT!”

Change can be tricky and challenging and adjusting to a new school routine a bit nice, a bit weird, a lot quiet, a bit peaceful.

And I’m getting a new sense of time with baby A and Z. And a new sense of worry with Z- will she be okay? Will she behave? Will she eat her lunch? And like the quirky blue flowers that blossom I need to remember that flowers start out from seeds and then buds and crumbly blooms before they blossom.


And as we go pick her up and witness her flyaway pony tails that show that yes she has had a good time, I know that we will all blossom.



      1. 🙂 the flowers helped. If it was just bookbags and ponytails I would have needed some chocolate after I read it lol! 🙂

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