Introvert vs. Extrovert?


I read an article recently about introverts and quite a few things stuck out to me.


Some people who know me may think, Oh she’s such an extrovert.


Some people who know me may think the opposite.


I think people may think sometimes I gravitate to the extrovert times, but a lot of that extrovert stuff tires me. In this article about introverts, I agree with half of it. #1, #4, #5, #7, #8, particularly


5) We can turn on an extroverted personality when necessary, but it is especially draining.




7) We secretly love it when you cancel plans.


Obviously this is not always the case, but I feel drained if I look at an overbooked calendar. My heart mostly sinks when I see a wedding invitation in the mail, or hear that I’m going to get invited. I don’t want to dress up and make small talk. The thought of it tires me. However, when in the situation, I can find that I may have a good time, but the minute I get back into the car on the way home, I will yawn all the way home, and feel completely tired!


I love quiet moments in the day. I love quiet weekends. I love pajama days.


I am a teacher so being around children is what comes more naturally to me. I feel like I can be an extrovert all day with children – I will be tired at the end, but the tiredness is a different level from that with adults. The small talk with adults is more tiring for me. I gravitate to photographing small children than adults.


What I do enjoy is sunshine. Quiet Time. Pretty Weather. Golden hazy sunlight that encourages me to grab my camera. Relaxing. Basking. Comfortable Clothes. Popping out Pistachios. General I’m at home and doing not much and that feels good. 


Pictures of this below:




Popping out pistachios..IMG_1343
IMG_1345 IMG_1351 IMG_1361

pistachio fallIMG_1196emerging ZinniaIMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1204

mutant sunflower!IMG_1207 IMG_1212 IMG_1221 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1256 IMG_1260

leaving my computerIMG_1265-2

just washed after school Thursday hair…
IMG_1277 IMG_1283

too-big-shoes!IMG_1284 IMG_1304

Sharing attempts!IMG_1307 IMG_1309


Lavendar pistachio!


  1. I am like you, Reem. I can be an extrovert, and most people probably think of me tipped more that way. But I most enjoy quiet, stolen moments to myself, time spent writing and doing photography, and time with my family.

  2. I’m well on the introvert end of things 😛 and I doubt anyone who knows me would guess otherwise. But I actually hate it when people cancel plans. Maybe because I don’t make many plans with that many people so they are a big deal! Cancelling/rescheduling is better than just not showing up or forgetting though, I suppose :P. I was recently reading a book called “Quiet” that ties a lot of other traits into introversion as well, have you read it?

    1. No I must read ‘Quiet’ will check it out :). I cant’ help feeling slightly relieved when things are cancelled just because I get to chill out in semi-quiet at home :). But I get what you’re saying!

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