Illustrator Announcement!

I’m excited to announce that Lea Lyon will be my illustrator for my on-the-way-to-publishing-story Lailah’s LunchboxI remember telling the editor of Tilbury House Publishing I could visualize Lailah’s Lunchbox with some watercolor illustrations, and Lea Lyon’s work is beautiful. She also has a unique way in which she illustrates from quirky angles which I like as when I take photos I like to photograph things from quirky angles. Like this one from the ground up…

Or this one of a cafeteria from way up…

Lea is also a children’s book illustrator with five published picture books, four of which have won awards! Check out her books here. Lea Lyon’s website is here and looking forward to seeing what my story will become! I especially can’t wait to see what Lailah looks like! Here’s a portrait of Lea’s I love from the site of a child. I love her paintings of children.

Did I mention I Love watercolors?!



  1. Congratulations!!! You didn’t give up in your dream, and found success.
    Onward and upward!
    Maha Addasi

    1. Thanks Maha for your encouragement and support!! Funny, I just read your book “White Nights of Ramadan” a few minutes ago :). It really is a beautiful story! I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you in June :).

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