Relishing a Good Moment

I remember an evening in which we were all sitting together, cousins, brothers, grandparents, and children were running around and clattering, and it was a good moment. I remember thinking Remember This. This is a Good Moment.

When we get these Good Moments, the ones in which you don’t have to say anything, but all you have to do is just keep quiet a minute, look around the room, and absorb the warmth, it is so important to realize that this moment is a Good Moment, and to file it away with the Good Memories.

So that later, when Bad Moments happen, and they will happen, as that is life, and God’s way of testing us, of reminding us that we aren’t in charge, no, not really at all, we can remember the Good Moments, and feel happy that we have experienced such Good and that we will get them again. And to remember to stay close to God at all times, Good or Bad.

The beauty about photography is that you can have a mediocre day, in which you have chores, grimy counters, food to be cooked, sticky floors, unbathed children with sticky feet, but photos can gloss over those facts, and can turn a Mediocre Moment into a Good Moment. Good Moments are the moments we live for, don’t we?IMG_2914

Little Sister Getting Big, and Chalky.IMG_2723

An accessorized Oversized Monkey that I pulled out of hiding for 2 years. Z Loves it and has already taken it to school for Show and Tell upon which they dubbed it Monkey-Long-Legs.IMG_2735-2

A attempting to “choose clothes.” This outfit of hers is a hand-me-down of Z’s. It is one that my mother bought Z when I just had just given birth to baby A in hospital, and I remember Z coming to the hospital to meet A in this! Time flies!IMG_2795

Navy Blue uniforms in front of frills!


Book Wall!

Sisterly Cookie DoughIMG_2787

Cousin Pumpkins IMG_1987-2

Weathered Blocks with Unweathered fingers.IMG_2032-3Just-Got-Home-hugs

“For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” – Quran 94:5


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