“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” ~ Hal Borland

I am always surprised by how swiftly winter strikes. Almost without warning and warmth and empathy, it strikes. Suddenly the flowers that once bloomed happily outside are yellowed and flailing, unable to handle the sudden cold and lack of care.

In such times like this, when I look outside my deck window, it as if everything is grey. Blue skies are grey. Green plants are yellow. Trees green leaves quickly turned yellow and red, but then even quicker than that, the leaves were harshly blown away during a storm, leaving awkward spaces of grey.  Grey. Grey. Grey.

Grateful for color inside the home:


Grateful for newly turned 2 year old toddlers diligently counting out colorful plastic cutlery.



Grateful for a quick photo of a once red blooming tree, now turned grey and brown.IMG_8147.JPG

Grateful for pink pompoms and crochet season!


Couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of this puzzle piece that was happily and incorrectly put together. Grateful for the minds of 2 year olds.


So grateful for siblings!



Grateful for paint brushes and paintsIMG_7979.JPG

Grateful for more warm woolly hats!


Grateful for very temporarily clean kitchens


photo 1 (26)

Grateful for fleeting summer sunsets


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