Round Up: My Favorite Blogs, Books, and Podcasts!

“It’s lunchtime again – Brian’s least favorite part of the day. Another twenty l-o-n-g minutes of kids talking and laughing with everyone else … but him.” – The Invisible Boy, book info below!

Wanted to list my favorite Reads!

I gravitate to family lifestyle photography blogs which means natural unposey photos of real-life family. The messier, the better! I realize I have a trend for reading blogs of moms with 5 children who homeschool. I admire how they have big cozy families and a love for at-home-learning. My mother is one of eight, and my father one of five, and I am one of four, so I love watching big families interact.

Without further ado…


Enjoying the Small Things – Kelle’s photos say it all! I love her bustling family, her photography angles, her outlook on life, and love reading how she raises her 3 children, especially Nella who has Down Syndrome.print52_zpsdb045967.jpgprint38_zps5b766b2f.jpgblog15_zps5820dae7.jpg



Design for Mankind– Erin’s writing is consistently beautiful! It’s laced with emotion and has gorgeous little lessons or epiphanies here and there.





Sham of The Perfect – photographers who capture their imperfect lives and houses just as they are, very refreshing!elliot_nov20_0001.jpg


My Favorite Chapter Book at the moment and it has a sequel!:


Discovered this book from the ADL Book list where this book was featured as book of the month. My book Lailah’s Lunchbox was featured as November’s book here too!


Wildflowers Photography Blog:

A mother of 5 I believe, and a mother who photographs beautifully! and homeschools!



Ashley Ann Photography – mom of 5 also who homeschools! One of her children is adopted and loved reading the story about it.



Drama Mama – from Karachi, lives in Dubai, has lived in Toronto, and is moving to Karachi! Passionate about literature, children, and homeschooling! Writes with beautiful emotion!


Confessions of a Muslim Mom – unschools her children, her children learn naturally and beautifully, lots of nuggets of wisdom, honesty! I love glimpses of her home life and watching the learning and love unfold!


Little Life of Mine –

Palestinian American mom of 4 daughters who documents life and the little snippets of it! Honest and real!541827_269020883186637_481567332_n.jpg12244826_904996416255744_6120118265258307828_o.jpg


Sarah Reinhart’s blog: Little White Whale, another mom of 5 who takes beautiful photos and has warm posts!



I enjoy listening to

The Mom Hour – humorous and honest podcast about parenting! Refreshing as it doesn’t sugarcoat! Nice to listen to when stuck in traffic.the-mom-hour-large.jpg

and Edit your Life – peaceful and short, full of warm advice on how to edit your life! Real life tips are given!


A’s favorite book at the moment: she’s aged 3! ‘A’ loves the pictures of main character Charlie struggling to sleep in his own bed. The crayon art is lovely and the message of sleeping in your bed is nice and clear! Great read for a toddler who moves into a big-girl or big-boy bed!

51xL-UaLjiL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ (1).jpg

charlie-cries (1).jpg

Z’s favorite book at the moment! She’s aged 5!518MV3HMHCL._SX388_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg


A beautiful Picture Book I stumbled upon from the ADL’s book list.

The Invisible Boy is a warm book about that child that blends in and that you sadly don’t notice. Great for teachers, children, parents, etc! The illustrations are amazing. The main character starts of black and white, and as he gets more noticed, turns into a beautiful noticeable water color.



Note: all the photos above are not taken by me, but are taken by the bloggers! Posted them so you could see their beautiful work! If you like my photos, you will probably enjoy theirs as well! I love reading other people’s blogs. The way I keep up is if I stumble upon a favorite blog, I will bookmark their page on my phone and every now and then read their work and get reinspired when I have a chance. Enjoy!

Readers, if you all have any favorite blogs, reads, podcasts, stories, books, do share! I love stumbling upon something that really resonates with me!

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