Snap, Crackle, Pop

I am sitting on Z’s bed trying to get the bedtime routine over and done with a quick read aloud when A joins us with her little metal Mickey Mouse lunch box and proceeds to open up her lunch box on Z’s bed.

I am ready to snap at her. Don’t open that on Z’s bed. Open it over there. I don’t want crumbly things and mess all over Z’s bed. Somehow, I don’t snap. I just watch.

She proceeds to open the box with caution and rather than devouring her crackly package snacks, she asks each of us which snack we want before gently closing the box up and neatly stowing it away.

How many times have you wanted to snap at someone or something only to wait that extra minute and realize the snapping, the cracking, the popping wasn’t necessary? That if you waited and watched and held your breath and tongue that the moment would pass and you see the good not the bad?

I don’t do it enough, but am trying to. Photography has a way of soothing me. If I photograph overturned cereal on the floor, then I am less likely to scold. If I wait just a minute before scolding, then I am less likely to scold. Snap, Crackle and Pop be-gone.

Enjoying Spring below…IMG_3893IMG_3909IMG_3915IMG_3929IMG_3940IMG_3944IMG_3983IMG_3987IMG_3988IMG_3999IMG_4015IMG_4034-2IMG_4045


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