When You Need Perspective…

The lure of words is inviting me to blog again. This fall season has been a busy one with photography. Not all my clients want their photos up on social media so even when this space is quiet, I may be editing photos around the clock or dreaming of dusting off manuscripts.

Attempting to write a book is HARD.  Words and edits taunt you. If you have an agent, they may guide you to another direction. Your skin needs to be thick in the publishing industry. You will get many no’s and just a couple of sliver of yes’s. When you do get the yes, it seems like all you do is wait and wait for a contract to be signed, and then wait to see if you have an illustrator.

With my picture book Let Me Show You The Way, I was given the name of an illustrator whom I very much liked, but the illustrator had taken on too many projects so was unable to take on my manuscript. And with Amira’s Picture Day, I am stuck in the horrid game of waiting. More on the manuscripts here.

Winter break has begun here and the skies are grey but thankfully bright.  I have two school children who have just put away their paints and are now curled up by an iPad.


I have a tomato soup (thank you Campbell cans!) simmering on the stove, a Dawn Paratha heating on a pan, and a baby toddler asleep in her crib. I have clean piles of laundry semi-sorted on the hallway floor. I have photos that need to be delivered to clients.

When I see other books of other people make their presence in the world, I am happy to see their words in print and then I long for my words to join them. Publishing is a game of patience.

I find myself falling into the I need trap– I need to start writing. I need to keep my kitchen cleaner. I need to go to sleep earlier. I need to sleep train H. I need to —-

But when I look around, I remind myself right now I am in a busy season. Having a toddler really changes the dynamic of my home right now and I am so grateful to have her. I may be behind on editing words and photos, but I will eventually catch up.

Sometimes telling me sentences with the word will make me feel better. Replace the I need sentences with will

When I had pests, the roaches will go away.

When I had home renovations, the cabinets will come.

When summer holiday starts seem too long, the children will go to school in the fall.

When writing too hard, my words will become a book.

Inshallah. God-Willing.


Some photos from this season below: Also, if you are a new reader, I have oodles of photos with my children’s faces.  So far, I just try not to post their whole face online.


feeding time in this home!


My Nani (maternal grandmother) who we call Nana teaching us how to make shami kababs.


My grandfather Nana Abu shaking the hand of his youngest great grand son


two of their favorite dolls still!


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