Aisha’s Family Fall Session

I had a great time photographing Aisha’s family last weekend! We have been going back and forth on dates, but I’m so glad we chose the date we did. The October date was pleasant and sprinkled with sunshine, unlike grey and gloomy today!

When I used to teach, I remember one Mother’s Day I took photos of my students and thought how fun it was to be able to photograph my favorite subject, children. I usually send out a survey to my clients before meeting them and when Aisha wrote she had 3 little children, I was excited to meet them and they were lovely! As a parent, I know the struggle of schlepping the whole family out on a weekend morning, so I appreciated Aisha and Ryan’s efforts to get everyone dressed and there on time!

I love this warm dynamic of this family.  You can tell big brothers really dote on their little sister and I love how you can tell the personality of children by their energy.



I loved her curls!


His energy was infectious 🙂
A wise big brother; I love his dimple !


Behind the Scenes!


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