My Children’s Books

I am very excited to announce I have a book deal – my first children’s book story!

Lailah_cover_hires (1)
Lailah’s Lunchbox – Tilbury House Publishers – published May 2015

Interviews/Articles about Lailah’s Lunchbox:

 Read Little Muslims

How I Got a Book Deal!

How I Write Around Children! – Interview by Cynthia from Cynsations!

Guest Post: Inspiration behind Lailah’s Lunchbox! – Bookwars Blog

Author Interview and Future Plans – Blue Minaret

P.S. I’m Muslim! – Atlanta Muslim

Author’s Visits:

I am an elementary school teacher and have taught second grade for four years. I love Read-Aloud time and being around students of all ages. Please get in touch with me by emailing me at with the Subject Line “Author Visit.” I look forward to working with you in customizing a visit that fits your group’s needs!

To view my published writings, see below!

The Express Tribune: Pyarijan Happy Home Founders Granddaughter Writes A Final Letter

Huffington Post: Cookie Dough Cravings

Huffington Post: The Banished Ones: A Ramadan Reflection

Atlanta Muslim:

Teaching Children the Value of Money

Tis the Season To Be Jolly and Muslim

What My Clients Really Thought of My Hijab 

Photography: Azizah Magazine featuring my photo  which portrays the care with which a child shares a treat.

Race in the American Muslim Community – Azizah Magazine

Layali Webzine ~ page 16 & 17 What Motherhood Taught Me About Photography

Please Contact me for more writing opportunities at or simply comment below!


  1. Hi id really like to purchase a copy of your book lailahs lunchbox I live in london UK so how would i go about this. Xx

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