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Inglot Breathable Nail Polish Coffee Filter Experiment


Nail Polish Update:

I’ve been hearing a lot of controversy about whether this polish is water permeable or not. From time to time I google others reviews on the polish to see what others are saying. These 3 videos stand out to me from Haute Muslimah  and Muslimah to Muslimah and A.Mustafa– in their experiments Inglot wasn’t  permeable. In mine below and a few others such as Mustafa Umar’s and Manic Yours  and this Inglot experiment on video, the water did seem to permeate. So this polish seems to be doubtful as now I really don’t know what works and what doesn’t. And if you’re a Muslim woman and see what may be at stake, salah/namaz/prayer/you-name-it, I think it probably is better to be safe. So I’ve been limiting my wear of the Inglot Polish; what I used to wear on a daily basis, I now don’t wear as much. The cool thing about the Inglot polish is that is is super glamorous and super easy to take off, which I love. No need to struggle with removing it with remover, it comes easily off with a quick nail polish remover swab, so that’s a nice perk if you do want to wear it whenever/wherever in that you can easily remove it for prayers. The videos that I linked above show that another polish called Tuesday in Love appears more water permeable so that’s another option for the nail-polish-loving-Muslims. I love the colors/hues/glossy finish Inglot offers so I gravitate to them and am choosing to wear them more limitedly!

9/2/2013 Update:  here’s a new video that Inglot just made.  I suggest you watch it if you are debating its permeability. I found it useful.

Here’s my original post below…

Hot Pink. Turquoise. Coppery Beige. These nail polish colors have always beckoned to me.

In order for prayers to be valid, Muslims have to wash in a specific ritual called Wu’du before they pray. Water needs to permeate to the nail so that’s why some Muslim women choose not to wear nail polish.

Inglot nailpolish has become really popular with Muslim women  and was even featured on National Public Radio in the US since this nail polish is breathable and allows oxygen and water vapor to permeate to the nail.  Some people who have tried it claim water droplets do too. An article by a scholar Mustafa Umar was featured on Suhaib’s Webb’s website where a student did a coffee filter experiment showing the permeability of this unique nail polish ~  the article went viral, and nailpolish sales went up! Sadly, Inglot (the Polish inventor of this polish) died just as he heard the good news about his polish doing well.

I did the experiment for myself too.

IMG_3414Start out with standard nail polish, and an Inglot’s bottle from The O2 Breathable Collection.

inglot coffee filter experiment

Apply 2 coats on each coffee filter. Remember the teal one is Inglots. Wait for polish to dry…IMG_3430

Then, once dry…I liberally sprayed some drops onto the coffee filters. I didn’t do just one or two drops, as when we pray and do our wudhu, we usually wash our hands with water, not just drops. Also, note that the water will go through the coffee filter easily when there’s no polish there, so that’s why the areas around the nailpolish are wet or a darker brown already. Disclaimer: I wasn’t the neatest water dropper/sprayer!

IMG_3441Here is water on the purple standard nail polish.


Here is water on top of the teal Inglot Breathable nailpolish.

IMG_3445The trick is to rub. If you don’t rub, I don’t think the water will go through.IMG_3452 When you rub/apply pressure over the teal breathable polish, the water gets absorbed and you don’t see the drops on the surface of the nail polish area.  I can’t recall exactly what it looked like underneath my filter to see if the water went through. I assumed that if the water disappeared on the surface that it did. The above videos I posted are more clear  and their experiments show that the polish isn’t permeable.

IMG_3453however, even if you rub over the standard purple Sally Hansen polish, the water glides on the top of the surface. The water will go through the coffee filter where there is no nail polish, but wherever the purple polish is, the water will stay on top.IMG_3456 IMG_3315

I’m a new fan of Inglot O2 Breatheable Nail Enamel. I’ve been in touch with the people who work at Inglot and they said in order for the polish to be permeable, that you don’t apply a base or top coat, but simply the polish as is. I have the pink polish 605 Hot Hot Pink on my toes. I’ve heard there’s a breathable top coat now, but you need to do your own research on it.IMG_3385

**To see other articles on this nail polish, here are some below. Double Disclaimer: I’m not a scholar but just thought i’d share my findings! I strongly encourage you to do your own research/your own experiments and share your findings here. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this polish, so here are some other positive & Negative blogger opinions/reviews.

***To summarize, It all boils down to doing what you’re comfortable with – go with your gut feeling. Like Sobia Kamran,  May God forgive me for any incorrect info I may have passed along. As mentioned, please do your own research and go with your comfort level of when you choose to wear this polish. It’s great quality polish and leaves a glossy finish, that I know.

Positive Opinions :

NewYork Times: Muslim women lacquer up.

MANICyours: Inglot’s ‘Halal’ Nail Polish Tested (I did this experiment with a papertowel. It worked without rubbing – it took a little less than 3 minutes. Theirs worked much quicker.

Mustafa Umar’s article: Is Breathable Nail Polish Sufficient for Wudu?

Inglot O2M: Halal Nailpolish? Can it be true?!

breathable nail polish — you can make wudhu! 

Inglot Releases Halal Nail Polish

Halal Nails Thanks to Inglot

Inglot experiment on video – a YouTube coffee filter experiment with rubbing the water on filter.

Neutral Opinion:  Halal Nail Polish Sparks Colourful Dialogue 

Negative Opinion:

one blogger Sobia Kamran’s opinion on the polish not being halal: http://www.reveilingyourself.com/2012/04/halal-nail-polish.html . I admire her opinion: “So, there you have it folks, it depends on your Taqwa! I couldn’t have said it better. May Allah SWT forgive me for any incorrect information I may have passed along.”

RT: Imam Suhaib Webb does not approve of inglot nail polish. The article on his website that does was not written by him.@suhaibwebbsite

A YouTube experiment of Haute Muslimah review on the polish not permeating:  regarding my experiment, I can’t recall exactly what it looked like underneath my filter to see if the water went through. I assumed that if the water disappeared on the surface that the water permeates. She has a different opinion. She likes and tests another polish called Tuesday in Love.