Inside my mittens I’ve got…

I know the drill. We were reading Toes, Ears, and NoseLately, Z loves to label her ‘pao’ aka feet, haat aka hands, mou aka mouth, and naak aka nose. I’ve been trying my best to teach her some Urdu so I’m happy she’s picking up. When we get to the page that says, “Inside my mittens I’ve got…” Z usually says her hands (haat) and holds them out jubilantly. This time, she matter-of-factly replied “High-Pie” aka “High-Five”. I couldn’t help thinking that was pretty cool. We had been practicing High-Fives, something Z, and I think every kid loves. You’re right Z, we don’t just have hands, we have high-fives! We have hands that should be used for high-fives. When was the last time you gave a high-five? We need to praise and appreciate more. So Inside my mittens I’ve got…high-fives!


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