A Tribute to Leaves: Baby K Photoshoot

I grew up in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates where we had summers all year long. I was amazed upon moving to Georgia as a 13 year old to see the seasons in action. Every colour of autumn is truly magnificent, and I hope I never get immune to its beauty. Z and Baby K loved the leaves, its colours, its textures.

Baby K and his mom A were beautiful to photograph and Baby K was calm and composed throughout, mesmerized by the aforementioned leaves. The only time Baby K did cry was when he was being put into an orange sweater. I included that photo inside the slideshow because babies cry: it’s what they do, so there wouldn’t be a true photoshoot of Baby K without the crying photo.

Below is one of my favourite photos. It’s where K is almost ready to topple over into the leaves, but it almost looks like he’s dancing or talking to the tree.

My favourite Mommy-Baby photo is below:

Slideshow begin….(FYI, these were taken at Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Check out the leaves plus the skyline!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record” (Quran 6:59).


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