The ‘I Love’ List

I love: Karachi clothing lines stepping out of the Abu Dhabi airport and having my glasses fog up instantly  the … More

A BIG Thank You!

I’m just starting to recline on the dental chair when the chirpy hygienist comments that she loves my book and … More

A Sealed Book

I was driving through my neighborhood when I saw a couple of other mothers strolling with their toddlers in the neighborhood. … More

Betrayal of Bodies and Minds

I recently watched the Steven Hawking movie The Theory About Everything and was touched by Muhammad Ali’s death. Muhammad Ali was a … More

1 in 4

I’m stitching, and it’s surprisingly soothing. The sharp needle sears the coarse denim producing simple yet somehow soothing results. Z is … More

Happy Grandparents Day!

    Happy Happy Happy Grandparents Day! Grandparents are a beautiful blessing and I always learn so much from them, … More