Milloo’s Mind, Sneak Peek!

So excited to share this new picture book of mine that is close to my heart, MILLOO’S MIND. It’s illustrated by Hoda Hadadi and releases Jan 17th! Thank you to The Conscious Kid for hosting the cover reveal and see a sneak peek below of the talented illustrator Hoda Hadadi’s beautiful and intricate collage tissue art.

I’d sent Hoda photos of my grandparents and I was so delighted to see them incorporated with such detail and love in the illustrations! This book is a picture book biography of my grandmother. I tried writing this book when my middle child was a baby, now she’s in 5th grade – so 9 years! This book went through a lot of drafts, a lot of giving up, putting the manuscript away, taking it out, and trying again, so it’s surreal and rewarding to see it illustrated and ready for printing.

About the Story:

From the author of Lailah’s Lunchbox and Unsettled comes a powerful picture book biography about Maryam Faruqi, the founder of the Happy Home Schools, which provided education to thousands of girls across Pakistan at a time when girls weren’t encouraged to go to school.

“Powerful prose underscores Milloo’s determination and the importance of gender equity in education. The detailed art invites readers to linger over each page, poring over collaged outfits and patterns, all of which evoke a strong sense of place.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) 

“With euphonious prose, Faruqi commemorates the accomplishments of her grandmother, educator Maryam “Milloo” Faruqi (1920–2012), known for founding Happy Home Schools in Karachi, Pakistan. Vividly colored, elegantly textured and paper collages by Hadadi provide visual depth against white backdrops” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Maryam was a trailblazer for women’s education and the author is her granddaughter, creating a personal, inspiring tale. Perfect for fans of Malala’s Magic Pencil and She Persisted!

Milloo lives in a time when school is considered unnecessary for girls. But to Milloo, education is essential.

When Milloo reads, her thoughts dance. Milloo courageously dreams of becoming a teacher, but in fifth grade her parents tell her she has had enough school. Milloo is heartbroken but finds a way to achieve her educational goals, graduating high school and college with honors. When she’s married, Milloo’s husband tells her to stay home, but she does not let that stop her.

She decides to open a school in her house and later opens more schools around Karachi, Pakistan, fulfilling her dreams.

Don’t they look like little paper dolls? I love the mehndi details on my grandmother’s hands and the textures of my grandparents clothing on their wedding day!

You can preorder the book here. That shows the publisher you would like to read more of my work, thank you!

my grandmother and I years ago. She loved accessorizing!

****And here’s an essay I wrote about my grandmother some time ago.

Anisa’s International Day

On a side note, ANISA’S INTERNATIONAL DAY releases next month and is perfect for chapter book readers! You can order that here! I posted about it here!

Back to School

Here, back-to-school has started and our days are looking very different from how they used to look here! Rushed, messy mornings, a quieter and sometimes hectic and still messy day for me, an afternoon pick up in Atlanta, rainy traffic, homework, dinner, baths, bedtime, and repeat! Routines can feel monotonous, but I’m grateful for how my youngest still wants to explore the neighborhood instantly after school. After my key is pulled out of the ignition, “Mommy, can I bike?”

I’ve learned the best answer is, “Let’s go.”

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