Introducing Anisa!

ANISA’S INTERNATIONAL DAY got a lovely blurb from Maleeha Siddiqui author of BARAKAH BEATS! My upcoming chapter book ANISA’S INTERNATIONAL DAY is for young readers (say 7+) and comes out in September which seems like it’s forever from now! It’s a story about a Pakistani-American artsy third grader who introduces her class to the art of mehndi for International Day. It’s filled with fun black-and-white interior art, recipes, and activities in the back matter so I hope it’ll be perfect for the classroom. If you’d like to pre-order you can do so here, pre-orders show the publisher that you want to keep on reading my work; thank you! And would so appreciate a kind review on Goodreads here.

“Genuine, sweet, and relatable, Reem Faruqi brings her signature voice to younger readers in Anisa’s International Day. You can’t help but root for driven Anisa as she problems solves her way out of more than one sticky situation with sometimes unexpected–and joyful– results.”

Maleeha Siddiqui, Author of Barakah Beats & Bhai for Now

cover art by Aaliya Jaleel and design by Molly Fehr!

Aaliya Jaleel has done some adorable interior art. See below for a sneak peek! I love seeing the book come to life!

Maleeha Siddiqui’s Books

I loved Maleeha’s book Barakah Beats and can’t wait to read Bhai for Now which releases in fall! Both books were selected by the Junior Library Guild, which is a super big deal! Pre-order here!

Here’s a blog interview with Fanna about Maleeha’s new books: Q/A with Maleeha Siddiqui on her middle-grade novels, young Muslim characters, and tales driven by family and faith:

Blog Interview:

Here’s a blog interview about my books with Fanna as well: Q/A with Reem Faruqi on her middle-grade novels-in-verse, compassionate stories about young Muslim girls, and poetic finesse with a focus on family:


If you live in the US and would like a free signed copy of GOLDEN GIRL, please enter the giveaway here! Educators get a bonus entry!

Starred Review from Book Page!

GOLDEN GIRL got the loveliest starred review from Book Page here. THANK YOU!

Eid Gifts

I purchased these 2 books below and they are both delightful. Hena Khan‘s chapter books never disappoint and Saadia Faruqi‘s Eid Mad Libs kept my 9 year old giggling and entertained! Heads-Up: you’ll need to focus a little more on your adverbs and adjectives while you unload your dishwasher if you’re playing during a busier time!

Highlights Magazine May 2022 Issue

If you subscribe to the Highlights Magazine, be sure to check out the May issue! I have an Eid story printed in there! Jenin Mohamed illustrated it beautifully!

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Thank you for everyone who buys and posts pictures of LAILAH’S LUNCHBOX every Ramadan! It makes my day! It was nice to see AMIRA’S PICTURE DAY as well in Ramadan baskets around the world! Below is a gallery of my books spotted in the wild!

A Video Review by Colby Sharp

This video made me smile; Colby’s cat reminded me of my children’s behavior when I write!

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